Snowskin Mooncake

Minus the baking class that I attended, this is prob my 3rd attempt (2nd this year).

End result (after sift)



Filling: Mung bean with melon seed

                   Truth is I did durian filling for the green dough but the end result was horrible. My conclusion is I guess I still haven’t master the secret in preparing the durian filling (100% pulp with no starch) – filling was too soft. Hard for me to mold – end result was the imprint on the mooncakes didn’t look nice 😦 I made abt 12-15 durian filling (for 12-15 mini mooncakes) but half way thru, I was kind of fed up and went out to get mung bean paste instead…

I’m using a 50g mini snowskin mould. General rule is 3:7 (dough:filling). As a beginner, I feel is better not to be ‘gei kiang’ (overly smart). I used 4:6        


End product… Mung bean snowskin mooncake

As I mentioned earlier, this was my 2nd attempt this year. The 1st attempt – I tried durian snowskin mooncake. I took the recipe from this blog

250g   Durian pulp
7g       Sugar 

1) Cook the durian pulp. Blogger said to cook til boiling but I can never reach that stage cos the durian would be a little burnt even before I see any boiling. 
2) Add in sugar & cooked till all the sugar dissolved and the mixture is relatively dry. 

For the dough, I didn’t use 100% fried glutinous rice flour. I did that the 1st time and I find the skin not soft. After surfing the net for the ‘right’ recipe, I decided to use the recipe from this blog

I did 2 batches. The 1st batch was durian snowskin & the 2nd batch was mung bean snowskin. Not only was the fillings different, I used lesser water (dough) for the 2nd batch of mooncakes. 

Verdict: The snowskin texture for the 1st batch (green ones) is better.

Conclusion: Using mung bean paste is so much easier. Easier to shape into ball & the end result (imprints) looks much nicer. 

Overall: I didn’t think my 3rd attempt was successful 😦 I’m still not happy with the snowskin texture. Wilwil gave me 7/10 but personally, I thk is 5 or below. The taste just not there. Softness was ok. Haiz… when can I make snowskin mooncakes like those fr East Ocean? Anyway, I’m done for this season. Time to move on to bake skin…

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Backlog: Room makeover

As promised, I’ll update events/thgs before my wedding. One of them is to makeover Wilwil’s room makeover. For our case, we can’t get a new HDB flat & resale mkt was crazy last yr. Hence, Wilwil & I thought the best is to stay with his parents 1st while searching for our ideal home.
Views of Wilwil’s room before makeover














In order to ‘move’ me in, we got to do a major makeover for his room. His existing warerobe is too small. Can’t even accomodate 30% of my clothes 😡

So 1 morning… Wilwil roll up his sleeves and start work…















The end result…


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My 1st handmade food blog ;P Muah Chee!

GG likes to cook. To be exact, GG likes to bake. But GG can’t make lots of thgs cos she doesn’t have a mixer. But she will buy 1 when she moves to her new place… For now, just make do with what she has…

GG made mooncake, cupcakes & muffins before. Her 1st handmade food entry got nothing to do with baking… Is a dessert/sweet that Wilwil likes…

Muah Chee!

Inspired by colleagues who used HappyCall to make it. But I found a recipe that is really easy to make – just need microwave! Is that simple. I adopted the recipe from another blogger but I can’t rem her blog.

Ingredients for the muah chee. You just need flour, water, oil, peanut powder & sugar. Is that easy….

It took me quite sometime to find peanut powder. Not many supermarkets carry it.

This is how the mixture shoud look like when you mix the flour, water & oil.

After microwave, just put the dough in the peanut powder & cut into small pieces. Note: The blogger highlighted that it would be messy if you try to cut the dough into small pieces without mixing with the peanut powder. I took her advice and really it was easy cutting into small pieces once you mix with the peanut powder. Do take note to sample taste the peanut powder & add sugar according to your taste. As Wilwil likes it very sweet, I put in quite abit.

Completed muah chee! Wilwil likes it very much. He said is much better than those bought outside cos he found some of them too sticky. He said mine is just nice (don’t know true or not ;p). Michy (my sis-in-law) also said is nice 😉 Happy!

Here is the receipe that I used:
130g    Glutinous rice flour
200ml Water
1 tbsp  Canola Oil*

For this amt, microwave at high power for 3.5mins. If you double the amt, then shld be 7mins (I indicate ‘shd’ cos I hvn’t tried double the amt but that is what 1 of the bloggers indicated)

125g    Peanut powder^
30g      Sugar*^

* Most bloggers suggest using shallot oil. I can’t find ready shallot oil. Being lazy, I just use what I have. To make shallot oil, you can fry shallot with oil
^ Amt stated is agar-agar (estimation). I didn’t measure. I poured abt half the pack which is abt 125g
*^ Again, is agar-agar cos I didn’t measure ;p Anyway, the amt is to individual liking. Just ensure you sample taste to the amt you like

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HK, HK… We were there…

Gosh… the last post was almost 1 yr ago… Haiz… GG (i.e. me) is so lazy to update ;p Realised I did write a post but did not publish it as the photos were not all uploaded. Never mind… decided I shd continue to update this blog. Will be skipping alot of posts… for now only. Will backdate when I have the time.

Took quite a no. of pics in HK but i really like this. This pic is taken by Wilwil…

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Happy Birthday to GG

Have been busy so didn’t hv time to upload quite alot of thgs…

Fr Wilwil… on my birthday…

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Walk… Walk… Walk…

After HDB announced the “Abundance Flats” of 8200+ units, Wilwil & I were very excited. We checked HDB website on the “Sales of Balanced Flat” (SBF) & shortlisted some areas. We decided to go for SBF as the locations are what we are looking for. Wilwil & I have been leaving in the West since we were born. New BTOs are mainly in the North/East side. Those in the west are either ‘super’ west or they are too far fr MRT stations. Wilwil & I don’t drive so having convenient public transportation is very impt to us.

Straight after work, Wilwil went home to rest for while & few hrs later, we ‘charged’ to our dream home… We started our journey on a hot Sat afternoon… GG almost become ‘black’ 😦

In summary, we went to 3 areas, 7 sites within approx 4 hrs.  GG calculated – we walked at least 100mins (MRT-actual site-MRT) for the 3 areas. This excl the time that we spent walking within each site.

As a result of the walking…

blister… Wilwil still said is my fault for not wearing rubber slippers. I wore brikenstock slippers… how I kw will have blister 😦

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Today is the day!

After thinking for a few days + went to on-site to look at the locations yesterday, we finally made our application. Yes, we submitted our new flat application via HDB website. Due to location + waiting time, we went for SBF (Sale of Bal Flats). As at today (after 5pm), there was an over-subscription of x3 for SBF. The area & type of flats that we applied was over-subscribed by x2.

We prayed (led by WilWil) before we submitted our application.

Now our trust is in our Lord whom we believe all things will be made possible by Him & thru Him. Amen!

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Remember the time

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Gingko brooch

Signifies longevity. Bought 3 for GG’s wedding kebaya. Beautiful small thing. Nicely crafted.

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